Track Record

PDS has to date prepared six signage masterplans and submitted in excess of 200 individual signage applications for various media and property owners throughout South Africa. Our approval rate exceeds 90%.

Our most significant approvals were secured in the city where it is arguably the most difficult to do so – Cape Town. There we achieved the following landmark approvals.

  • The first large format sign being a 164sqm wall sign at Marine Corner. 
  • The first building wrap being 3,000sqm at Media City.
  • The first commercial signage on the Naspers building being a 525sqm banner for Adidas.
  • The 40m Vuvuzela for Hyundai on the Unfinished Highway.

Our finest hour was however the approval of the V&A Waterfront Signage Masterplan. The Waterfront is an area of partial control in which freestanding signs are not permitted. Through innovative legal solutions we have succeeded in redesignating parcels of Waterfront land to areas of minimum control as well as areas for internal illumination and electronic signs.


On Premise Approvals

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Third Party Appovals


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